Rise N’ Shine

This magnificent, all natural face-lift-in-a-jar is made by my own fair hands from an ancient Swedish recipe. The original formula is safe in my hands. many major companies try to copy this serum, but their ingredients are manufactured chemicals and are devoid of love or good intentions.

My face lift serum comes in two types. One for skinny faces and one for fleshy faces. The aloe vera works best on those who haven’t got an awful lot of fat around their cheeks and jowls. The aloe vera has been mixed with vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn and Q10. As soon as t is applied you feel the moisture surge. The active ingredients cause your skin to draw up and back, tightening the elasticity in order to give a firmer look.

It’s a face lift in a (recycled) jar.

I use the oil serum. I have a fleshy face. The oil serum is made with Chia Seed oil, Watermelon seed oil and Vitamin E. It lifts and tightens your skin. It moisturises right down deep into the dermis. It heals your skin and then lifts it. It is glorious. It is not yet patented or tested, it comes in recycled jam jars from Costa and is £30, packaged and posted.

Before I luxuriate in the oil serum, I cleanse thoroughly with a salt exfoliator (yes, I make those too), so that no dirt gets trapped to cause a blackhead. I also apply it an hour before I put on my make up. My friends adore the Rise and Shine. I make it for birthday gifts, each one specially tailored. Tell me if you like Rose as a scent or if you prefer Jasmine. If you have any spots then I can add Sea Buckthorn to it.

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