The Story So Far…..

I am black bog Irish, from generations of bog Irish witches, sorcerers and poets.
I am SAOIRSE Cosmetics. SEER-SHA. “Freedom”, in my native tongue.
It was me invented this company in order to please an auld bollix that cannot be pleased. I have the magic of alchemy in my fingers. I mix oils for facial treatments.
I come from rural Ireland. I look like I have a dark dirty soul. Black hair and black eyes. I make wondrous lubes.
I am a witch and potion maker. Through no fault of my own, I ended up the far side of Scotland in a seaside village full of wealthy retired English women.
I am trapped in a block of flats called Lesbian Towers in a backwater village where the gulls have control. I need to get out, go back to the land, to grow the ingredients for my potions.