Many many many millions of thanks to everyone who has supported me in this new venture, so far. You have all been wonderful in trying the sample products, filling in the feedback forms and even purchasing the facelift serum. Many of you have messaged me, or even come to the house to ask me about Saoirse Cometics and Aromantic and the relationship between the two. I need to answer a few questions and correct a few misconceptions.

I am not employed by Aromantic.

Saoirse Cosmetics is my very own brand. Rise N’ Shine is my product, made from my recipe. Saoirse is the Irish for freedom. I am Irish. My name is Orla Broderick.

Aromantic is a company based in Forres, Moray, Scotland. It is a distribution centre of oils, essences, gels, waxes, salts and suchlike. It is a bunch of people packaging Siberian Ginseng from large containers into small containers to fulfil orders. 

I purchase many of my ingredients for the Rise N’ Shine facelift serum from Aromantic on line ordering system. They deliver. Here’s a link to their website. 

They do gift packs too. My first order from Aromantics was an excruciating twenty four hour wait. I was excited. It had taken my daughter and I a whole week to fill in the order form, double check the ingredients we needed, research the different types of jars and bottles, find the money to pay for it and then hit the submit order button. My first box of goodies from Aromantics represented pure selfish, self centred indulgence of the ego. I knew I could treat my friends. I felt I could create beauty. My altruism said I could help the planet. My creative heart desired to drop the essences of nature into each other to make gold.

Aromantics is the brain child of my wonderful foreign gentleman friend KB. Aromantic offer courses for anyone interested in natural cosmetics and toiletries, perfumes and skin treatments. They have an extensive library of publications for the professional potion mixer. And they are very friendly.

I waited a whole day for my order. I paced and fumed. Of course I didn’t order everything I needed first time. I had to go back and re-order before I could even begin to prepare for the magic mixing time. Aromantic said they would process my added items and I could collect it an an hour. And they did. And I did.

It’s an addictive passion. It needs ceremony and grace. It needs space and light and magic. There’s a science of healing in it, but it needs the love of creating too. I knew I could create beauty. I knew I had seen a way to make people feel better in their skin. I knew that whatever I produced would be less harmful to the planet than either Clarins or Clinique.

I knew all this because I have been the checker of the foreign gentleman’s spelling in his next book. KB is going to write down all of his knowledge, literally, empty his head of fifty years cosmetics training around the world and condense that learning into easy-to-read DIY cosmetics books.

I know all this because I was once a Staff Nurse and I liked and learned the science of health, the human body and how we heal.

I know all this because I know about plants and their healing properties.

KB wants to call his book The Dry Skin Book. We all have dry skin, if we have lived on this planet for twenty years or more, we have dry skin from weather and ions and pollution and free radicals. I want to call his book The Greatest Book Ever but he says his ego cannot allow that. So, we have to reach a compromise somehow.

I reckon I can get a free copy of that book, whatever it’s going to be called, to the person who can come up with an appropriate title.

I hope this clears up some of the questions you have been asking and once again, thank you so so much for all your support.

Yes, I have Rise N’ Shine facelift serums still for sale, from home, should you wish to treat a loved one!

Or, you can go over to Aromantic and buy you own ingredients:  Aromantic



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